Since the pandemic began, Manitoba Choral Association has been working on finding ways to change public perception that choral singing is a dangerous activity. In June 2020, we expressed our concerns with the Manitoba Government’s Phase 2 Plan for Restoring Services, which listed choral singing as a risky activity, and were granted a meeting with the Minister of Health, Seniors & Active Living, the Minister of Education, and Chief Provincial Public Health Officer, Dr. Brent Roussin.

Since then, despite sending several letters sharing results from prominent studies, and proposing recommendations for the safe resumption of choral singing in our province, we have received no response from the government, and worse yet, no changes have been made to Manitoba’s Guidelines for Vocalists & Instrumentalists.

Manitoba has long been known across the country as “the singing province.” We know how important choir is to you! We encourage our members to partner with us and get involved with this important work, so we can sing safely together in person once more.